Ordinary Millionaires

The Automatic Millionaire

16 April 2010 | Comments Off on The Automatic Millionaire

When you think about the concept of an “automatic millionaire” you may think about some neat little software that you can plug in, set it and forget it but unfortunately, it is not that easy or everybody who tried it would be making it big. The only “automatic millionaire” maker that you are going to encounter is the one facing you every time that you look in the mirror. The fact is that yes, you can become an ordinary millionaire, yes you can automate a large portion of the more tedious tasks and yes, once you have attained that million dollar goal, you can relax a little bit. Though in all reality, most of the people who do reach their first million dollars will work towards gaining more. Thus, the myth of the automatic millionaire may have some basis in reality but it is not all automated or guaranteed.

The myth of the automatic millionaire can become a reality only if you are willing to get in there and work as well. You are going to have to manage your investments, any work you outsource … and you may actually have to get in and micro-manage those efforts … and all of the work that you do to do to become a millionaire. The automatic millionaire may seem like a nice dream but as with any dream, goal or objective, you will ultimately have to work to make it happen.

It has been said that turning nothing into a million dollars is nigh impossible but turning one-hundred million dollars into two-hundred million dollars is inevitable. If and when you ever do join the super rich, you can almost rest assured that the vast majority of your work will be done for you. Thus, the concept of the automatic millionaire may be accurately used to portray someone who has already amassed tens of millions of dollars and whose investments are now virtually assuring the process of automatic millionaire results do continue. Fortunately, attaining this somewhat enviable position is not as unrealistic as you may at first believe.

No matter what your current financial situation may be, you can attain your automatic millionaire goals but do not expect it to be easy. Do not expect that anyone “owes” you anything and do not expect anyone to feel sorry for you when you fail to reach your million dollar goals. Conversely, if you do succeed and do figure out the secrets of becoming an automatic millionaire, you can bet that “friends” and “family” that you never knew you had will be coming out of the woodwork to get to know you better and remind you how they helped your mother’s second cousin’s boyfriend’s mother-in-law in some previous life.

While that may be something of an over-exaggeration, the fact remains that you will become their “automatic millionaire” plan once you do attain your goals. If you have real friends who have known you for any length of time it is doubtful that you will have too many difficulties but you should perhaps be wary of all of those new and improved “friends” that you will discover along the way who all do believe that they have the “automatic millionaire” plan down pat and want to show you how to “wisely” invest your newfound riches.